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Bring a Craving for Sweets Treats to Tiered & Petite May 30, 2021 thumbnail of Bring a Craving for Sweets Treats to Tiered & Petite

For some events, you simply need a large-scale dessert. A wedding, for example, typically features a towering cake.Other occasions, though, are better suited to a dessert in miniature. If you’re hosting a formal tea, taking time to slice a tiered cake will create too much of a distraction from your main event. 

Fortunately, artisanal dessert boutique Tiered & Petite offers the best of both worlds with tiered cakes, petits four, and other desserts. When you’re planning a graduation party, wedding, or other big event, the tiered portion of Tiered & Petite comes into play, with flavors like snickerdoodle, chocolate raspberry, and Bailey’s Irish cream cake. Treating only a few guests and hoping for a more petite dessert? You’ll find an assortment of petits four, with a similar array of flavors to the larger cakes, as well as an assortment of other small-scale desserts.