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Savor Nigerian Fare at Tee & John’s Kitchen September 27, 2021 thumbnail of Savor Nigerian Fare at Tee & John’s Kitchen

Your take-out orders have probably run the gamut of Italian to Chinese and everything in between these last few stay-at-home months. When you can’t look at another pepperoni pizza or General Tso’s chicken, give Tee & John’s Kitchen a call. Chef John is cooking up some seriously delicious Nigerian food, and it’s a wonderful departure from all the other options in Laurel. Tee & John’s Kitchen isn’t a dine-in establishment. Think of it like a personal chef that happens to cook remotely and deliver meals to you. Choose from single-serve main dishes like smokey jollof rice or rich ayamase stew, along with trays and platters of pepper fish, seafood soup, and more to feed a crew. Depending on the size of your get-togethers this holiday season, a tray from Tee & John’s Kitchen is the perfect dish to center your meal around. 

Visit the website to see the descriptive menu of options. This likely isn’t food you’ve had before, but Tee & John’s Kitchen is a great place for your first foray into Nigerian cuisine.