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Don’t Skip the Banana Pudding at Sugar Vault Desserts & Bakery October 15, 2021 thumbnail of Don’t Skip the Banana Pudding at Sugar Vault Desserts & Bakery

When the pandemic hit, the pastry chefs at Sugar Vault Desserts & Bakery knew their customers would need comfort food more than ever. So they devised a way to continue to sell their signature cupcakes and banana pudding with patrons’ safety in mind. They developed a daily-changing “doorside” menu, so you can order ahead (or order at the door) and wait outside until your order is brought directly to you.

Since their menu includes a whopping 150 rotating cupcake flavors, not to mention other confections like cakes, cookies, and cheesecakes, the best place to see what’s on that day’s menu is Sugar Vault’s Instagram page. You might see that they have gooey red velvet cinnamon buns for salt or confections slathered with salted caramel and crowned with crispy bacon. One thing you can pretty much always count on is that Sugar Vault will have its signature banana pudding on tap—which is a great thing, since it has earned many rave reviews. You can also expect to see an array of cakes and cheesecakes by the slice, though their exact embellishments will change from day to day.