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Enjoy Latin American Cuisine at Flor Blanca Bakery & Cafe November 24, 2021 thumbnail of Enjoy Latin American Cuisine at Flor Blanca Bakery & Cafe

Visit Flor Blanca Bakery & Cafe, located in Lanham, where you’ll get to relish Latin American cuisine and baked goods. A few of their savory dishes vary from fajitas and tacos to soups and salads, appetizers, and main dishes like their carna asada (steak served with rice, refried beans, salad, and two tortillas). For desserts, select from custom cakes and pastries that feature flan, tres leches, and pupusas. If you need a beverage to sip with your meal, they offer iced coffee, fruit smoothies, hot chocolate, and a few other tasty drinks. 

"Cute and clean," a Yelp reviewer comments. "Staff was friendly and helpful." While you dine in, you’ll get to enjoy an airy setting of tables and chairs spread out neatly, with plenty of seating and table service provided. Whether you want to devour a meal in their relaxed setting with a group of friends and family or order a sweet Tutti-Frutti vanilla cake for a special occasion like a birthday party, be sure to stop by and give this place a chance to satisfy your appetite.