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Spice Up Your Dinner Routine at Think Fresh Market January 31, 2022 thumbnail of Spice Up Your Dinner Routine at Think Fresh Market

Want a different shopping experience that adds a little spice to your week? Visit Think Fresh Market. This grocery store features not only grocery finds and spices to add a little extra kick to your dinner recipes, but they also serve up prepared food that everyone raves about. 

First off, they’re known for their fresh-squeezed orange juice. Each day they produce batches and batches of this golden elixir that is filled with antioxidants and nutrients we need. So, grab a glass as you shop. Next, their tasty pre-made meals. They boast that they can prepare any meal in 8 minutes or less, perfect for sipping that OJ while you wait. Options include things like curry goat and oxtail paired with fried plantain or porridge beans. They also make super delicious chicken wings! Sometimes, they’ll even offer a free slushy with your meal as an added bonus. So, next time you don’t feel like cooking, this is the spot to go!