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Eat, Drink, and Game at The Board and Brew May 15, 2022 thumbnail of Eat, Drink, and Game at The Board and Brew

From breakfast sandwiches to desserts. From coffee to cocktails. From Catan to Scattergories. Visit The Board and Brew for tasty food, delicious drinks, and fun games!  

Dig in– The breakfast menu features classic American dishes. Such as breakfast sandwiches, pancake stacks, and pastries. And, of course, avocado toast! 

Then, come in a bit later for the lunch & dinner menu. Try one of their signature sandwiches. Like Korean Pull Pork, Pesto Chicken, or the self-named Brew Burger. Finally, finish off your meal with some incredible desserts. Anything from housemade carrot cake, a brownie sundae, cookies, and milkshakes! 

Drink up– Explore the extensive drink menu. With coffee, tea, and spirits. From espressos and lattes to earl gray and blood orange teas. Then check out the beer, wine, and cocktail menu. You have to try out one of their spiked milkshakes! 

Game on– Use their website to explore the extensive library of available games! You can find the perfect one for you by categorizing by game type, the number of players, and game length. 

Open Monday through Friday from 8 am through 11 pm. Saturdays 9 am through 11 pm and Sundays from 9 am through 9 pm.