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Soak In the Relaxation at Blue Bell Spa June 18, 2022 thumbnail of Soak In the Relaxation at Blue Bell Spa

Spa treatments are a great way to relax and escape from the daily grind. The therapists at Blue Bell Spa are experts in their field and can help you achieve your mental and physical tranquility goals. Soak in the soothing atmosphere of the spa and get your best pampering yet, just around the corner of our community.

The spa, located within Columbia Heights, offers a multitude of massage therapy, skincare, and waxing services. Despite its central location, the treatment rooms have an exclusive feel because they are designed to be serene and tranquil, and Blue Bell truly respects and honors the privacy of its guests. However, just outside their walls, you will find all the dining and retail establishments you would need for a full day out!

Enjoy a relaxing massage or facial at Blue Bell Spa and get in touch with your inner bliss. Check out their website at